President :  John McGowan               
Secretary: Tom Kovacs
Treasurer: Robert Erickson
Communications: Irfane Fancey
Memberships: Marv Ferg
Events: David Phillips
Speakers: Doug Bernard
Past president: David Cooper
Minutes of January 2024  meeting
President John MacGowan opened the meeting and called upon Al Burgoyne to introduce our guest speaker Randy Mains and to welcome his wife Kay. We learned that Randy, a California-born Canadian citizen living in Brentwood Bay, is an internationally recognized helicopter safety expert and advocate with wide global experience. He is also an aviation journalist, a helicopter magazine columnist and the author of eight aviation books.   
Randy started off with a detailed telling of his first rescue operation as a 21-year- old helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. In brief, after dropping off a recon team of four, it immediately came under fire. Realizing that, Randy turned back to rescue the team in a heroic maneuver for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. In all, he flew 1042 combat missions and received 27 Air Medals and the Bronze Star Medal. In the course of a series of fascinating international assignments, Randy became increasingly concerned with the carnage of fatalities in medevac helicopter crashes and in 2010 decided to become an advocate for safety. That led to his activism as a speaker at major conferences, and as a helicopter safety trainer, journalist and author of safety manuals and books. His efforts are reflected in the wide use of CRM (Crew Resource Management) today and in the 34% drop in medevac accidents over the past few years. Doug Bernard thanked Randy for a most interesting presentation and gave him a token of our appreciation.
Club activity reports followed the coffee break.
Finance - Bob reported that the club has $2,380 in the bank and $2,000 in GICs.  The Christmas lunch cost $2,475 which left us with a $660 deficit.
Membership - Marv said we have 71 members, 33 in attendance, including 3 guests.  Introduced by Irfane Fancey, Michael Bird and Mike Weaver, they are respectively, Gary Calder, Pierce Mulroney and D. Hickey. Ten people will go to The Prairie Inn for Lunch. 
Speakers - Doug presented the lineup of speakers:
February: Chris Kilford on How and When the Ukrainian War Will End,
March: Bill Collins about Radio Sidney,
April: Jim Gardner on Exploring Antarctica in a Changing World
May: Dave Doherty on 111 Places to See in Victoria.
Walkers - No activity reported.
Cycling - Marv said cycling will resume when the weather warms up.
Activities - David asked if there was an interest in visiting the Air Museum. About a dozen raised their hands.
The 50/50 cash draw was won by John McNally and Pat O’Shea took the coffee prize.
In closing John MacGowan mentioned that the idea of future Summer Lunches and the Christmas Lunch will have to be revisited due to rising costs and concerns about the venue of these events.
Finally, it was decided not to renew the Club Runner for this year due to its high cost and low usage by club members. Irfane and Marv are working on a simple cost-saving alternative that will have archival functions and provide membership information.
Tom Kovacs